How our Coaching and Hypnotherapy Program Works

We offer a customised one-one program that offers a unique blend of hypnotherapy and coaching to help our clients to achieve their goals.

Our programs are customised because we believe everyone is unique in their make-up, environmental circumstances, and goals, and that a “one size fits all” program can detract from the outcomes you are seeking.


Life and Wellness



What to Expect

In the first instance we encourage you to book a complementary and obligation free Zoom call with us to chat about your challenges and goals. During the discussion we will:

  • Ask questions that will help us to recommend a program that will help you most and is tailored to help you achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Check your suitability for a program.
  • Discuss pricing and payment plan options, and 
  • Offer you an opportunity to ask any questions so that you can check that what we offer is the right option for you before considering signing up.

Common Areas of Focus

Our programs typically start with a situational appraisal, problem analysis and a life balance appraisal.

Using this information, we work collaboratively with you to help you overcome any limiting self-beliefs, thinking, behaviours and conditions that may be holding you back. We then use a combination of tools and therapies along with hypnosis to help you move forward.

Common examples of areas we initially work on include low self-esteem, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, and procrastination or unwanted habits, thinking or behaviours.

Once underlying factors have been cleared the program typically moves to supporting you with coaching, providing you with additional tools and techniques, and supporting hypnosis meditations to help you achieve your goals.

Clients commonly ask us for help with:

  • Stress or anxiety 
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Finding direction and fulfillment
  • Overcoming unwanted habits and thinking
  • Relationship management
  • Career planning
  • Motivation.

Success Stories


The number of sessions required will vary from one person to another and will also depend on the complexity of their situation or the support they are seeking.  A minimum of 5-7 sessions will usually be recommended. Some may require more sessions or prefer longer term support. 

Yes. All our coaching and hypnotherapy programs are customised to the client needs and goals for change.

Qualifications for an integrated approach should include training in both coaching and hypnotherapy.  I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice endorsed by the UK National Council of Hypnotherapy and a Wellness Coaching Australia Certificate in Wellness Coaching for health and fitness professionals.

Yes, you can participate in the coaching without hypnotherapy and vice versa, but the use of hypnotherapy will help achieve faster an easier change.

Coaching provides the tools and techniques for positive behavioural change, while hypnotherapy facilitates a deeper exploration of the subconscious mind to address underlying issues. Hypnotherapy allows individuals to delve deeper into their subconscious mind, where many of our beliefs, fears, and habits reside. This can make it easier to address obstacles and barriers that might be difficult to reach through coaching alone which works at the conscious mind level. The combination of coaching and hypnotherapy most often results in more comprehensive, lasting change.

Coaching and therapy techniques will commonly include:

  • Building trust and rapport 
  • Using pre-session check-in and questionnaire
  •  A situational assessment
  • Life balance appraisal and reset
  • Problem analysis and resolution planning 
  • Asking open-ended questions 
  • Talk therapy
  • NLP
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy 
  • Giving constructive feedback and strengths-spotting
  •  Setting SMART goals 
  • Using centring, breathing, relaxation or visionary exercises
  • Encouraging an outcome focus and fostering engagement with goals
  • Providing support on the development journey and looking for teaching moments
  • Following up for feedback and accountability.


At Livewell Hypnotherapy each session commences with collaborative interactions between the client and the hypnotherapist with a focus on the agreed program outline. Actions may include the provision of tools and techniques to help the client with the changes they wish to make.  Program adjustment may be made during sessions dependent on what transpires during discussions. This session on most occasions will conclude with a hypnosis to support and reenforce what has been covered earlier in the session. It is common for the client to be asked to work on out of session activities and listen to hypnosis recordings outside of their sessions. 

 Progress is measured in several ways. It includes a review of:

  • How the client is feeling in comparison to their first and/or earlier sessions
  • A review of changes against identified expectations
  • The completion of out-of-session activities
  • The review of the achievement of identified goals