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Transform & ditch a lifetime of unwanted habits, behaviors and negative thoughts quickly with hypnotherapy

Annemieke Van Dam of Livewell Hypnotherapy is a leading provider of hypnotherapy services in Auckland, dedicated to helping you achieve lasting change and live your best life, whether in-person or online. If your struggling with stress, anxiety, phobias, pain management, or want to build self-esteem, Annemieke can help you.

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Work With an Experienced Hypnotherapist in Auckland

  • Highly qualified: Annemieke acquired her qualifications from the UK Council of Hypnotherapy, a prestigious hypnotherapy academy.   
  • Client success: Annemieke has worked with numerous clients, ensuring clients are motivated and have moved forward with their lives. 
  • Ethics: Annemieke is a proud signatory to the UK Council of Hypnotherapy code of conduct. 
  • Environment for progress: Annemieke’s comfortable clinic in Auckland and online programs are designed to achieve lasting results and and positive developments.
  • Multiple Hypnotherapy Techniques: Livewell utilizes uses a variety of proven hypnotherapy techniques ensuring each client achieves the best result.

Personalised Hypnotherapy Programs

Personalized hypnotherapy programs tailor the experience to your unique needs and goals. Annemieke will work with you to understand your specific challenges, motivations, and background. This personalized approach allows for:

Deeper Transformation

By addressing the root cause of your issues, personalized programs create lasting change.

Greater Efficiency

Tailored sessions focus on what matters most to you, leading to quicker results.

We Can Help With

hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety

Stress/ Anxiety / Phobias

Stress, anxiety and phobias are caused by negative programmes running in the unconscious mind which are triggered by both internal and external factors. Our hypnotherapy sessions help you to overcome these negative thought programmes. 

virtual gastric band

Virtual Gastric Band (aka Virtual Gastric Sleeve) is a hypnotic process that physically restricts the stomach with a psychological procedure that convinces your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. This results in eating less and gradual weight reduction.

hypnotherapy for pain management, image of a woman looking at her wrist

Pain Management

Pain is your alarm system. It alerts you to something that is wrong or a threat to prevent further injury or harm. Hypnotherapy helps you manage or reduce pain sensations. Pain management is about finding ways to live your best life.
hypnotherapy for confidence

Self-esteem / Confidence

Our genetic make-up, personality, home, family, work and social environments all have the potential to erode our self-esteem and/or confidence. Our hypnotherapy sessions will help you regain your self-esteem.  
Toss away those sleepless nights! Hypnotherapy can gently guide you towards a state of deep relaxation, promoting peaceful slumber and leaving you feeling energized in the morning.

Smoking Cessation

Craving a smoke-free life? Hypnotherapy can help you extinguish cigarette cravings and empower you to become a non-smoker.

Ready to Take Control?

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