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Ditch the Cigarettes, Embrace Freedom


If you’re struggling to break free from the grip of smoking, you’re not alone. Traditional methods may have fallen short, leaving you discouraged and frustrated. Hypnotherapy offers a unique key to unlock the door to a smoke-free future.

Flexible Payment Options for
a Smoke-Free Future

Choose monthly, or quarterly options. Sessions last 60-120 minutes with most plans involving 3-5 sessions.

monthly or quarterly

60 - 120 minutes

3 - 5 sessions


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Ditch the Cigarettes, Embrace Freedom

Say Goodbye to Cigarettes with

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Hypnotherapy techniques can help reprogram your thinking and break free from smoking, just like a powerful tool empowers change. But remember, hypnosis isn’t magic; it’s a collaborative journey requiring your active participation. Be motivated, patient, and open to guidance.
Say Goodbye to Cigarettes with

Real Stories, Real People with Annemieke

Fueled by personal transformation through hypnotherapy, Annemieke built Livewell Hypnotherapy to empower others on their own wellness journeys. She believes well-being is the key to unlocking our best selves, and tailors her client-centered approach to each individual’s unique story, shaped by genetics, personality, family, and environment.

Witnessing Ofa from Auckland’s journey from smoke-dependent to smoke-free in just 2 sessions is a testament to the power of this personalized approach:

“Annemieke was wonderful and super welcoming and the hypnosis resolved my dependency, I only needed 2 sessions out of the 3 recommended and I feel amazing being smoke free”


Except for persons with certain conditions, hypnotherapy can be used by all to help them change their thinking and behavior patterns.

Hypnotherapy is generally considered a safe procedure but may in rare cases cause anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, or false memories. Hypnosis for people with epilepsy is subject to debate because there may be a heightened risk for the client to experience a seizure while under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy should be avoided by those who are not open to participating in this form of therapy as it requires active participation to be successful.
Hypnotherapy methods may vary from one hypnotherapist to another. It is therefore important to ask potential hypnotherapists how they approach smoking cessation to see if the approach taken is the best option for you.

The cost of hypnotherapy to stop smoking can vary from one hypnotherapist to another.
Charges can range from $100 – $300/session.
It is however common for hypnotherapists to suggest that clients demonstrate their commitment to stop smoking by signing up for a program.

Studies on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to stop smoking report differing results. This is largely attributed to challenges associated with achieving scientifically robust and standardised conditions during studies.
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