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"I discovered hypnotherapy after a personal crisis & know this can help people where conventional medicine may fall short."

Annemieke, Founder

Livewell's principals & values

  1. Every client is unique: at Livewell, Annemieke appreciates this without judgement and works in partnership with clients to give them the best chance of success in achieving the changes they desire.
  2. The client is in control: You spearhead your growth and take accountability. Annemieke assists you in making the desired changes.
  3. Active participation: Every client is an active participant in their own healing and development. 

Livewell is committed to abiding with its privacy obligations as the New Zealand Privacy Act prescribes.

Livewell Hypnotherapy subscribes to the National Council for Hypnotherapy Code of Conduct – Code of Conduct – National Council for Hypnotherapy (


The founder, Annemieke Van Dam

After overcoming personal challenges with hypnotherapy, Annemieke established her practice to help others who have personal struggles. 

I believe our wellbeing is the foundation to enable us to lead our best lives“. Everyone’s aspirations are unique and Annemieke’s approach is that this is shaped by genetics, personality, family, social and professional includes. 

With the uniqueness of everyone in mind, Annemieke offers therapy to enable clients to tap into their own internal and external resources to achieve their desired outcomes.



Livewell Partner

D’Connect is a New Zealand team of health and wellbeing professionals, clinicians, experts, and just your usual individuals who would like to live a long and healthy life. We focus on education and sharing health-related information based on research and experience to provide a fact-based and holistic approach to health.  

“Instead of treating diseases, let’s try preventing them by sharing important knowledge and educating people. That is our mission.”

Through sharing health and wellbeing information, our goal is to educate and, for those who need it, provide guidance towards a healthier and more enriched life. Knowledge is only the first step in this journey, and to be successful at it, we have to apply it in our daily healthy habits, which is where our community makes a difference and makes it easier to follow through.

For us to optimise our health and live as long as possible, we all need to come together, share and connect as one team, and most importantly, we need to ensure that our future generations grow up healthy, resilient and well-informed. 




Livewell Partner

Franklin Health Group members are a diverse group of holistic health and wellbeing professionals based in the Franklin area of Auckland. 

Members are committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of community clients within the Franklin district and beyond. Some members also offer their services online in New Zealand and internationally.

How Livewell Hypnotherpay helps

Livewell Hypnotherapy offers clients life and wellness coaching. Annemieke combines a blend of coaching and hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. She support you to make the changes you need and set you on your journey to living the life you want. 

What we can help with:

We understand, that life invariably takes a toll, whether from: 

  • Our upbringing
  • Pressures from our careers 
  • Conflicts in relationships 
  • Medical procedures and treatments

Livewell Hypnotherapy helps clients overcome diverse challenges, guiding them towards resolution and acceptance. The therapy addresses issues such as trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, grief, learning disorders, migraines, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, sexual issues, sleep disorders, and speech impediments.