Payment Plan Options

We offer bespoke payment plan options so that our services are immediately accessible and affordable.

Payment options commonly agreed with our clients include:

  • Upfront payment
  • Payment over three months
  • Payment over 6 months
  • Payment over 12 months.


Payment plans are agreed directly between the client and Livewell Hypnotherapy.

At Livewell Hypnotherapy we want our clients to flourish. We believe that living well and being able to access support to overcome problems and achieve your goals promptly is the foundation for leading a happy and successful life and preventing your unwanted situation from worsening. 

hypnotherapy for confidence

Where payment plan options are selected, payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to coincide with your pay cycle or other requirements. We are also open to adjusting your payment commitments by agreement should your financial circumstances change during the payment period.

Setting up your payment plan subscription is an easy one-time online transaction using your debit or credit card and payments are facilitated via Stripe.

Payment planning options are usually discussed during our complementary and obligation free consultations after we have an in depth understanding of your needs and agree on the program that is right for you. This ensures that you are fully informed of the pricing and the payments associated with any payment plan options for your program prior to you making any commitments.