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Reviews & Testimonials

I sought out Annemieke to help with some chronic pain I have been living with for four years due to an original infection. I was struggling to find a way through the pain and get back to my normal self. It was affecting my home life and my work life, and I was feeling depressed. With Annemieke's help through a six-month programme, I was able to get back to living my life as best as I can. Whilst I still live with some discomfort, I've learned techniques for the pain not to take over my life. Annemieke provided me with a set of practical tools to help shift my habits and begin to focus on the positives in life. This included personalised hypnotherapy tapes to listen to in my own time, a life assessment tool of where I am and where I want to be (provides practical steps I can take to increase my life assessment score) and a 'panic plan' for when I get flare ups to help me move through the situation and remain calm. If you're willing to put in the work, the results speak for themselves. Annemieke is the enabler for a positive life, and you must take the responsibility to make that happen.

AnnabelleSouth Island
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“Annemieke's hypnotherapy was really helpful for my fear of needles and blood tests. Her approach was very calm and understanding, and she gave me some fantastic tools to take away and continue to work on. I have since had lots of blood work done and each time I use Annemieke's visualization techniques, and my panic has gone away. I feel much more in control and able to cope with the situation."
JoNorth Island
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“I worked alongside Annemieke in the hope of controlling my alcohol addicition. I was desperate to change my decisions and habits and felt great shame about the way I was living my life. Drink was the focus of my every day and as a result, I had isolated myself from friends and family and fallen into a very downward spiral. Annemieke’s programme for me was initially focussed on believing in myself, acknowledging my strengths and building confidence. This provided me with the opportunity to have a final goal in mind but to take small steps and celebrate each step as I moved forward. Things began to change for me after my initial hypnotherapy session! I began to feel more confident in myself, and to believe that I could achieve my goal. I began reaching out to my family and friends and to spend a lot more time with them. After this intial session, I also cut down my drinking and with Annemieke’s support began putting strategies in place to cut down even more. I really appreciated the fact that Annemieke did not expect me to reach my goal immediately and I believe this was key to my success in achieving my goal. I wholeheartedly recommend Annemieke. From the beginning, she was warm, supportive, positive, open and ever patient. Annemieke celebrated my successes, made me feel good about myself and consistently applauded my efforts. She has changed my life!”
Rachel, OTimaru
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"I can highly recommend Annemieke. She really listened to me during our first session and felt I could safely share things with her. My sessions were on zoom but it still worked really well. Annemieke's voice was really soothing and I felt relaxed and able to settle into my sessions."
Nadja BAuckland
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"If you are stuck I highly recommend Annemieke's hypnotherapy. This was my first time with hypnotherapy and it helped 100%. It helped me to understand myself, and thanks to Annemieke's friendly environment it made me feel safe trusting the whole process"
Sheri, G Memphis, Tennessee
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"I've had the best week ever in my life after the fear and phobia hypnosis. I woke up every day feeling happy, positive, hopeful, motivated, successful and loving my life. Thank you thank you thank you. I must have needed hypnotherapy all these years!!!! I am so grateful! I am amazed!!!!!!"
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"Annemieke was wonderful and super welcoming and the hypnosis resolved my dependency, I only needed 2 sessions out of the 3 recommended and I feel amazing being smoke free"

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